The Great American Single-Family Home Problem - NYT Article

The Great American Single-Family Home Problem

Even with a flurry of legislation, economists are skeptical that California can dent home prices anytime soon. Housing takes years to build. And five of the new housing bills included a union-backed measure that requires developers to pay prevailing wages on certain projects, something that critics say will increase the cost of construction.

If we really want to keep up with growth and housing demand, we need to build more housing in single-family neighborhoods; otherwise most of the single-family neighborhoods will out of reach for most. 

We need duplexes, triplexes and smaller apartment buildings to be built in all neighborhoods throughout San Antonio. These are the type of homes where many younger families get their start, and enough of them are not being built. 

One of the comments in the comments section of the article:

"Cloudy - Glad to see the article featured a planning debate in Berkeley, aka the People’s Republic of Berkeley, where the Christmas decorations on Telegraph Avenue used to include a banner with a tinsel hammer and sickle. But the dirty little secret being hidden here is racism disguised as environmentalism. Liberals will talk your ear off about equality, about how much they gave to Hillary Clinton, on and on, until you start talking about housing density. Which they are all for. They love Jane Jacobs. They want to see dense housing. In San Francisco, or Oakland. Or even better, Los Angeles. But change the large lot zoning in the hills? Or even the single family zoning in the flats? Oh, hahaha, that’s a completely different matter. Why, if you were to tear down these bungalows (mostly interwar and not architecturally notable) and build apartments, you KNOW what kind of people would move in, don’t you? They SAY it will be for college students and seniors, but we all know the truth, don’t we, nudge nudge wink wink? But of course that is never openly stated. It’s all the environment. Why, people would drive cars! (just like the white residents do) And there would be smelly noisy public transit. And it would all lead to global warming. Or climate change. Or felling redwoods, or something. Not racism at all. Of Course. Not."