SANE's response to D1's Council Consideration Request on Amendments to the UDC Land Use Categories

The following is a letter SANE submitted in response to the CCR (link at bottom of the blog).

Dear Council and City Staff:

San Antonio Neighborhoods for Everyone (SANE) writes in regards to the October 11, 2018 Council Consideration Request (CCR) to amend the UDC Land Use Categories. We ask that you leave MF-33 in the Medium Density Residential Category and add MF-25 to the Neighborhood Mixed-Use category. We also ask that you stop delaying the SA Tomorrow Sub-Area Plans. We need to move forward and continue to plan for the additional million people that will reside in San Antonio over the next two decades. 

MF-33 can be triplexes, quad plexes, townhomes and apartments. These types of housing are already present in urban neighborhoods. The CCR states one reason to remove MF-33 is that the existing neighborhood plans do not include it. The existing neighborhood plans were not created with population growth or market conditions in mind. The policies and land use decisions in the neighborhood plans lead to housing supply restrictions and affordability issues.

It was brought to our attention that when the Land Use Categories were adopted District 1 submitted a packet of letters from constituents to each council member and asked that the packet be part of the record. Fifteen SANE members sent emails regarding the land use categories to all council members and SA Tomorrow staff prior to adoption. The packet only included letters from the Tier 1 coalition and not a single letter from SANE members was submitted for record. We find this egregious. We hope that our voice matters, too.

Attached is a pdf of photocopies of each email sent to council on the future land use categories (SANE was cc’ed on each email submitted). We ask that you consider our input, too.

Thank you for your consideration. Together we can build the city we all deserve.


Dawn Hanson, SANE Chair

Access the CCR here.