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AcroYoga Workshop with Alex Fleet

AcroYoga Workshop at Sitka Yoga on Saturday, September 13th, 12 PM to 3 PM with Alex Fleet. $35. Pre-registration required. Registration starts now - this will be an incredibly fun workshop!

AcroYoga is a form of partner yoga where three yogis work together for therapeutic release and acrobatic fun. 

How it Works
One partner (called the base) supports the other (the flyer) in a series of aerial postures. This is rounded out by a spotter, who makes sure everyone has good alignment so the flyer doesn't fall. The base most often lies flat on his or her back and supports most of the flyer's weight with his or her extended legs. The legs, when properly aligned with the ankles over the hips, can support a lot of weight, so that a small person is capable of basing a larger flyer. The base can support the flyer's hips with their feet for backbends or their shoulders for inversions, among many other possible combinations.

Why Try AcroYoga?
Yoga can be a very solitary practice. Though many seek out a common experience by attending group classes, it can still feel like you are practicing with a bubble around your yoga mat. Partner yoga bursts that bubble, forcing an interaction. AcroYoga goes a step further by requiring cooperation and trust. This practice has created a safe way for strangers to play and support each other -These are steps towards a more fun, peaceful world. Not only that - it's super fun!

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