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Nicaragua Yoga Retreat - Dawn & DJ iLko!

Join Dawn and DJ iLko in Nicaragua for an unforgettable yoga, music and water-based retreat at two incredible locations. Prioritize this opportunity to rejuvenate and regenerate your soul through yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, music, and water activities at these places of paradise. Apoyo Lodge is situated on the shores of Laguna de Apoyo, a mineral rich thermally vented crystal clear basin of water encircled by a protected ecological nature reserve.Yemaya is nestled on Little Corn Island a pristine tropical island surrounded by turquoise waters and white sandy beaches located on the Caribbean side of the country. Yemaya is named after the African goddess of the sea which suits this place which hosts vibrant reefs and colorful sea life. Yoga is all about exploration – explore and discover the rich offerings this retreat has to offer your soul through yoga, music, conscious food and connection to the water element!

Portion of the proceeds will benefit Yoga Behind Bars – Washington State non-profit that offers daily yoga and meditation classes to men, women and youth behind bars – giving students the opportunity for rehabilitation, growth and healing.

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Yoga Classes Daily on the Caribbean at Little Corn Hotel in Nicaragua

Yoga Classes Daily on the Caribbean at Little Corn Hotel in Nicaragua

Luxurious Rooms!

Luxurious Rooms!

Stunning Views

Stunning Views

Testimonials on Retreats Hosted by Dawn Hanson (Sitka Yoga)

"I highly recommend a retreat with Dawn, I had a wonderful three days with her in a beautiful setting along the Pacific Northwest coast. Everything was perfect, Dawn offered yoga classes for all levels, mixed in with meditation and chanting mantras - a unique experience which I truly loved. It makes energy move through your body and heart, and you feel open and free afterwards. A wonderful escape, with a professional teacher who is also very knowledgeable about Ayurveda and made it accessible to us. I returned home with a quieter mind and focus within, thanks to Dawn, and with the memory of the sound of the ocean." 

Practitioner, Angelika N.

"I had a wonderful time at the Seaside Yoga Retreat with Dawn. She is a gifted guide and provided a fantastic range of yoga. The workshops really made this retreat stand out; I gained so much wisdom on Ayurveda and eating well. All of the raw vegan dishes were delicious and I felt great after eating only raw vegan food for a few days. Also, I really appreciated the combination of very nice accommodations with a down-to-earth vibe. I highly recommend this retreat."

Practitioner, Susan A.

Testimonial - Teacher (host), Dawn Hanson

"Dawn is a very gifted teacher- she is able to apply her extensive training to students of all levels. Her instruction is effective not only because she chooses her words carefully, with clear descriptions and gentle adjustments, but also because it is obvious that she loves what she does. Anyone lucky enough to practice with Dawn will come away with a deeper understanding of their own abilities/limitations, and of yoga in general. I can't recommend her enough!"

Practitioner, K. Parker

“Dawn creates a space and presence with Yoga that is inspiring.

Dawn is dedicated to yoga, this shows from her words, actions and demeanor. In class her verbiage is valuable beyond her exceptional cues. She tells a story of yoga, explains the benefits and philosophy. She presents an education on the art and practice.

I studied under Dawn in Hoquiam, Washington in a beautiful space she built; calm, peaceful, comfortable. The time spent was invaluable. Her attention to detail in helping to get the most out of each asana according to my capabilities was wonderful. A small adjustment would be ever so useful and change the experience of the movement. Attention to breath, so important, actually worked with Dawn’s presentation. Attention to transitions is a beautiful part of yoga; Dawn pays great attention to this.

My yoga experience in other studios after working with Dawn now has an outstanding feature: with every transition, every asana, I can hear the voice telling me to inhale for the transition, settle into the asana with an exhale, plant the outsides of my feet, be strong and breathe.

I am grateful for having had this experience with Dawn.”

Practioner, J. Whitney

“Having tried yoga before with neither emotional, physical, nor spiritual connection, I was skeptical, but Dawn was truly a life changing force for me. I felt at once challenged, supported, relaxed, and valued when I was in her classes. Because of Dawn's teaching practice, yoga has an important place in my life.”

Practitioner, C. Krick

"Dawn is the yoga teacher I needed to take my practice where I hoped it would go. Her use of a focused intention helps elevate the whole class to focus on our breath and the moment. She is attentive to the needs of the class and provides helpful adjustments to get the most out of a pose."

Yoga practitioner, S. Peterson